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Squad FAQ - 2012

I have been receiving enquires about the Squad and thought it would be a good idea to answer publicly a few of the frequently asked questions. We're still more than 1 week from the deadline to turn in applications, so get to work! If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at

What is The Triathlon Squad?
A new-concept professional triathlon squad. Under my direction, this new squad offers both emerging and established elite triathletes a high-level training squad operating mainly in North America

What is its mission?
The mission of the squad is to develop elite triathletes capable of competing successfully at international level. Triathlon is a sport where athletes don’t reach their full potential and race their best until several years after starting to race at the professional level. Therefore, the purpose of this program is to provide a comprehensive, positive and supportive environment that prepares emerging elite triathletes for their highest performance ability in the coming years. Toward that end, the program provides an optimal training environment as well as the guidance necessary to gradually yet progressively develop the skills required for world-class performances in triathlon.

Who is Coach Paulo Sousa?
I am a certified triathlon coach who has the unique ability to combine the science of endurance training with the art of real-world coaching. A student of the sport for close to 15 years, I continue to apply advances in sports science to my training programs.

What are the core values of the squad?
- Commitment to excellence
- Loyalty and honesty
- Long-term approach to high performance
- Stability of methods and technical approaches

What are the basic attributes athletes belonging to the squad need to possess?
- Ability to recognize challenge and adjust mentally and physically to positively face the challenge
- Enjoy competing with yourself and others
- See the benefit of a competitive environment to personal development
- See obstacles as a necessary and useful part of the learning process
- Display initiative, self responsibility and independence in quest for progression
- Ability to prioritize lifestyle to encompass all the work needed to progress
- Acceptance of the different forms and tools that offer feedback
- Ability to turn negative criticism into a positive learning tool
- “Be the best you can be, everyday”

What is the process to join the squad?
Selection for the squad will be composed of two phases:
Phase 1 – Application to join the squad (October 2011).
Phase 2 – Evaluation after attending a trial training camp (January 2012).

Phase 1? What is that?
Applications for Phase 1 of the project are open until October 31st, 2011. Just send an email to with your athletic resume and a statement on your motivation to join the squad. All athletes applying to the squad will receive a reply, stating their acceptance or not into the squad. The athletes selected for Phase 2 will be announced on November 15th.

What if I go through to Phase 2?
Those athletes will attend a two-week training camp in Las Cruces, NM in January 2012. At the camp, the athletes will be evaluated as to their potential to be part of the squad in 2012.

I am already an established professional triathlete, do I have to go through Phase 1?
No. If you’re an already established athlete with excellent results, please contact me directly.

I am not a pro, should I apply?
If you believe you can be a world-class athlete, you should apply.

How will the squad function in 2012?
The training camps will be the center of activity of the squad in 2012. Locations for training camps will not be decided by lifestyle considerations, but on what is the best training environment for the athletes to work. The squad will have a semi-permanent location for 2012, to be announced at the beginning of the year.

I would like to join the Squad, but I want to keep my job, is that possible?
No, the Squad is for athletes with total commitment to triathlon.

I can’t join the squad, but I would love to be coached by Paulo, is that still possible?
Yes. The squad will run concurrently with my online coaching practice. Those athletes coached by me will have privileged access to the squad.

I’m an age-grouper and I would love to have a chance to train with the squad, is that possible?
Yes. There will be training camps specifically targeted to age-groupers and running at the same time as the squad camp. The format of these camps will be announced later in the season.

Will the elements of the squad have to race the same races?
No. Athletes in the squad will have individual race schedules. Occasionally, it is possible that more than one squad member will be racing the same race, but that will depend on individual goals.

Is coach Paulo going to be present at every race?
My presence at races will depend on financial support from the athletes. In the case where there will be several athletes at the same race, it will be very inexpensive for athletes to pitch in and support my travel expenses.

How much will this cost me?
The main cost of belonging to the squad is lodging/food during the training camps.

I want to join the squad, but I want to keep my current coach, is that possible?
No. But you might want to ask yourself if you are working in an environment that will allow you to achieve your goals.

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Do you have a squad recap from 2011? Interested to see how you thought your group performed this year and maybe expectations for 2012.