Monday, May 26, 2014

We Can Do It!

When I look back at the last almost 4 years, I feel extremely proud of what we have been building here at The Triathlon Squad. At the beginning, there was only a strong desire to achieve, from me but mainly from the athletes. After a lot of passion, work, commitment, The Triathlon Squad has established itself as the premier high performance training environment in North America.

We’ve been very successful. We, the athletes and I, were able to create a fantastic training environment, which is the basis for the level of results achieved. Each and every one of the athletes in the Squad developed at what I consider an excellent rate by high performance standards.

We have however fell short of one of our implicit goals: to have a balanced squad and develop as many women as men. Even if the women in the Squad are a few of our success stories, we still have less women than men in the Squad. We're about to change that.

For this Call to Action, we’re looking for women that are ready to step-up their commitment to being excellent. We’re looking for two kinds of athletes:
- Those who want to represent their country at the Olympic Games.
- Those who want to win an Ironman.

We at the Squad are firm believers in equality. We feel that our work is not done until we develop as many women as we develop men. We also strongly believe that women can not only take advantage of the structure we have in place, but also seize the opportunity of being able to work with a group of women that think the same and above all, have the same desire to achieve.

The Squad is an “all-in” endeavor. Everything we do is performance-oriented. Every action, every decision, we ask “how is this helping us win?” We believe that attitude and mindset are what define high performance.

The core values of the Squad are:
- Commitment to excellence, fair play and clean sport
- Integrity, loyalty and honesty
- Long-term approach to high performance
- Stability of methods and technical approaches

All this are not just pretty words in a blog. We deliver. We keep our promises. We have lived it for the last 4 years. And we intend to continue living it. We want you to be a part of this.

If you like all of what was said above, I'd like to hear from you. If you like most of what I said here, I'd still want to hear from you. Contact me at!

Yours in Triathlon,