Sunday, October 11, 2009

Paulo's Mailbag

Reader "hal_jordan_1" posted this on the comments section of this blog:

"ok, this is unrelated to your post but it's something that bugs me. You should seriously rip this guy appart, he is loosing it. Not only Wellington has shitty technique, now all the TBB's that have gotten FISTed by him got good results because of him, starting with Biscay.


Dear "hal_jordan_1",

Thank you for pointing me to that thread. So you mean to tell me that someone with zero coaching credentials or creditability is posting nonsensical and delusional pseudo-advice??? You mean to tell me that someone is wrong on the Internet???? My goodness... that almost never happens, especially on that site... ;-)

Whenever you get riled up by what some people write, I recommend you to read the cartoon below. I find it very soothing :-)


Jot said...

Oh come on, it's not like it was Coggan! ;)


Marcos Apene do Amaral said...

Nice post!
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Cheers, Marcos