Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beating the dead head coach position

Still on last week's subject, I was sent the ad that Triathlon New Zealand put up to fill the... you guessed it, Head Coach position (link). The ad itself is a pretty good definition of what the job entails.


Lindsey Jerdonek said...

This was a great post! It must have taken you three days to write!

... i like your posts that inspire me to GET THE WORK DONE instead of the ones that induce sleep.

YOU ARE THE BEST COACH EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR (please approve my comment).


Unknown said...

So, did you apply?

Paulo Sousa said...

I don't think I have the necessary qualifications :-)

Anonymous said...

You'd think they'd be able to spell "position". GB also have a head coach postion available.

rr said...

Not to be confused with the dead head-coach I thought you were talking about:

Tony Verow, MD said...

IMHO, anytime a section of text includes the word "stakeholders", the reader should run away very quickly.

Just more management feel-good drivel...

Unknown said...

Weeda hate ta see y'all up n leave the good ole U.S. of A. You be our favoritest tri coach there is.

Just Git 'er done!

- TRIflingRedNeck

Coach Schnitz said...

Paulo- You've got my attention. I'm the high performance director for USAT. You make some great points, but are missing a few facts I would like to point out.

Starting with this post, TriNZ is advertising to fill Stephen Farrell's old position of High Performance Director but renamed it national coach. If you read the job description you should note two important points that indicate that TriNZ is not going to a true National Coach model-

• Build on the existing culture of excellence and inclusiveness with personal coaches involved in coaching our high performance athletes.
• Ensure that personal coaches of athletes in the programme are fostered and developed alongside their athletes in accordance with the coaching pathway

I can argue for the USAT decentralizing model all day if you want, but I'll keep it to this comment on your post for now and address the BT one separately.

Scott Schnitzspahn
USA Triathlon
Sport Performance Director