Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Content I

I thought the readers of the blog would be interested in taking a look at the schedule of a pro triathlete. Below is the toughest week for Jonathan Caron before his second place last year at Ironman Canada. Enjoy!

Mon 30-Jul
Swim SWIM!
Run 50min Zn2

Tue 31-Jul
Swim SWIM!
Bike 4:30h Zn2 with 1:30h Zn3 (divide this as you want)
Run 50min Zn2

Wed 1-Aug
Bike 1:30h Zn2
Run AM: 2:15h Zn2 PM: 50min Zn2

Thr 2-Aug
Swim SWIM!
Bike 4:00h Zn2 with last 1:00h @ Zn3
Run 50min Zn2

Fri 3-Aug
Bike 1:30h Zn2
Run 50min Zn2 + 8 strides with walking rests (do the strides!!!) (AM)

Sat 4-Aug
Bike 2:00h Zn2 (PM)
Run 30min Zn2 + 50min Zn2 building to Zn3 + 10min Zn2 (AM)

Sun 5-Aug
Swim SWIM! (OW)
Bike 6:30h with 3x30min Zn3 + transition +
Run + 20min Zn2-Zn3 + 10min cooldown


jason said...

How are zones defined?

MarkyV said...

smells like specificity to me.

rr said...

poor Jonnyo, he must have to bring pages of notes with him to the pool to remember all the details..

where does one OW swim in canada? Are there icebergs?

Will said...

"Do the strides!" LOL

jaretj said...

Interesting, walking rests after the strides. That would make them much more attractive to me. jaretj

Ryan D said...

I hope Jonnyo likes to SWIM!

jonnyo said...

zone are define as;
z1 slow
z2 i can still talk
z3 the fun just started
z4 trying to drop tom evans
z5 there is a freaking bear trying to catch me

as for the swim, he already tell me when to swim, that is enough, imagine if he was telling me what to do in the water....i would go crazy

gnicholson said...

If I was to take that schedule and double the volume of all the workouts, would I become twice as fast as jonnyo? ;-)