Saturday, July 31, 2010

Convenient accountability

Yet another excellent blog post by Wayne Goldsmith:

The Accountability Myth – Why the current Leadership models in High Performance Sport are failing (badly)

My favorite section:
"Accountability is like being pregnant: you either are or you are not.
If you accept a leadership role in a professional team then you are accountable: not half accountable, semi-accountable or fractionally accountable. There is no part-time accountability, no nine day fortnight of accountability with the tenth day off to not be accountable: if you willingly accept a role which includes accountability – then you are accountable.
But, a new accountability has emerged in high performance sport - it’s called Convenient Accountability or Conveccountability for short.
This new accountability – conveccoutability – is the accountability you have when you are not really accountable. It is being accountable only up until when things get a bit ugly, a bit serious (and a bit public), then it becomes an S.E.P. (to quote the late, great Douglas Addams) – a Someone Else’s Problem."

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