Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Word of the day: miljø

I got this link from Josef, really good stuff. Here's a quote:

"The thing that blew me away is that it was immediately apparent that he comes from a COMPLETELY different world than we do. He’s right, we aren’t even close. Nowhere near it.
When guys like him talk about training it’s not about getting faster or making some team, it’s about 'winning world cups'."

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Aleksandar said...

a good point..but kind of goes with. What ever the winners do must be right.
Intresting in cross country skiing is to see how the swedes have developed a program..I am not too into the sport but I belive they have a different way to do things.

I am not saying the swedes have it all right but intresting that they have older skiiers that have a steady improvement after years where they seemed to be stuck. The norweigans..not so much. That is either or! More talent to pick from pehaps?