Sunday, February 22, 2009

Caveat emptor

That means 'buyer beware' in Latin. To illustrate this concept, at least 3000 years old, I thought I would leave these two links for your consideration:


Will said...

The dude is already paying $1500 per month, now you also want him to adapt to a slightly different position? That is not very good customer service!

Judy said...


Colin said...

I'm confused. He said that it was time to get ready for the 2009 season. Wasn't that time three months ago?

Coach Jen said...

So that we may compare and decide how big a rip off and fraud Joe is, as a basis for comparison, what does a super elite coach like yourself charge on a monthly basis?

Paulo Sousa said...

Dear Coach Jen,

"Fraud" and "rip-off" are your words, not mine. For sure you noticed that I didn't use them in my (short) text.

As for my rates, they vary according to the type of athletes I coach. For example, for aggressive people like yourself, I usually charge $1500/month.

Thanks for considering me a "super elite coach", I appreciate the compliment.



David Luscan said...

Awesome, I'm going all the way with it...Only one athlete coached at a time, 10k a month. Paulo, I notice from your race results that you could benefit from some run coaching? Or perhaps Coach Jen needs a lifestyle coach? Anyone anyone?

Regards, (the non-anonymnous)
Coach David Luscan

Jacqui said... make me laugh really hard sometimes...this was a classic post!

Rick Ashburn, CFA said...

I'm surprised he got in the 0.28 range with that setup. The one I call "not even trying."

BikeLemming said...

I wonder how many mountain bikes pass that guy in a typical triathlon?