Friday, October 17, 2008

One year

It’s been one year now that I’ve started this blog. It’s been an amazing experience, since the blog allowed me to put in writing some of my coaching thoughts and concepts. It also served as motivation and reference not only to the athletes I coach, but to several readers too.

During the last year I have also ruffled more than a few feathers. I’ve killed TSS and chewed a lot of fat. I busted some myths and made some people feel threatened. Some responded in a rather vicious way, which even if it caused me some sadness, did expose them and their little ways. This also showed me I was in the right path, I am at my happiest when poking at the establishment.

Enough “I’s” and onwards to another year of The Triathlon Book!


rr said...

Happy blogiversary.

Judy said...

Shoot. I was hoping to read your elephant man RR. But happy anniversary to your blog :-)

Train-This said...

Happy BlogBirthday!

Jodi said...

Yeah, where is that race report?



Shawn and Tracy said...

Hmmm 1 year blogiversary means we owe you something paper right? How about a journal to write down all your secret coaching methods!

khai said...

Jodi said...

Yeah, where is that race report?



I got the RR from him in the car:

I swam... it hurt.
I rode my bike... it hurt.
I ran so hard I threw up.

And I still got my ass kicked by my girlfriend! (okay - he never said that last part. But it's true!)