Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I admit that I don’t follow professional cycling as much as I used to. I could get on a high horse and say that it’s because of all the doping scandals, but really it’s because I don’t have Eurosport anymore. Therefore, only today I realized that professional cycling team Lotto has a new sponsor for this season, a company called Silence.

And I just thought to myself, what a great sponsor to have, Silence. I just thought, what if I could have a triathlon team sponsored by that company, Team Silence. I like the ring of that.

All this to say that too many people talk too much. Popular lore says actions speak louder than words, but a lot of people don’t follow the advice. So they talk, and talk, and talk. Empty words, without substance. A whole lot of talking, but not enough action to back it up. They think that because they talk a lot, they will be more popular, better known and better heard. But in reality, they are just hurting themselves by talking too much, when they should be focusing on achieving their goals.

It's not bragging if you can back it up, said Muhammad Ali. He was right, but the operative word there is if. Up until the point that you effectively back it up, I don’t care how much you believe in yourself, do everyone a favor and shut up.


j-mo said...

I think Mohammed Ali took that quote from Kid Rock.
ps.. I define this as backing it up

Paulo Sousa said...

I can see the similarities. Ali is a World Champion boxer, Kid Rock is a world champion douchebag ;-)

Will said...

237 words extolling the virtues of silence ... you win a special prize.

shawn and tracy said...

So when Johnnyo says I talk a lot for 5"1 that's a bad thing ;-)

Big ass sitter said...

Sure, for you it's easy!